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In the house “Zum goldenen Baum” the museum showed the exhibition “Werkstätten der Moderne. Lehrer und Schüler der Breslauer Akademie 1903-1932” (Workshops of the Modern. Teachers and pupils of the Wroclaw Academy 1903-1932) in 2004/2005

History of the Museum

Plans for the establishment of a central museum for Silesia in the Federal Republic of Germany go back into the 1970's. After a first failed attempt in Lower Saxony, Görlitz was selected as the location for the planned museum in 1991. In 1996 the Federal Republic of Germany, the Free State of Saxony, the Town of Görlitz and the Homeland Association of Silesia established a foundation. This foundation was given the responsibility for the museum project. The foundation is financially supported and instituted by Federal and State charter. For the Museum itself the Town of Görlitz donated the house “Schönhof” (Beautiful Court); later the foundation acquired the house “Zum goldenen Baum” (The Golden Tree) for the museum administration. With the establishment of a faculty of research staff in 1999 the project entered a new phase. In 2001 a small exhibition could open in the house Zum goldenen Baum. With the end of the restoration of the Schönhof and the opening of the permanent exhibition in May 2006 the establishment of the Silesian Museum came to its conclusion.